Sigep 2023

FIDOVET is at 44th International Trade Show of Artisan Gelato, Pastry, Bakery and the Coffee World 21-25 January 2023 - Rimini Expo Centre, Italy



Fidovet, an excellence of made-in-Italy, with a long history and tradition of the culinary art at the service of the beloved four-legged friends.

A story built through the knowledge and expertise of local raw materials and processing production systems. All this, always in compliance with an artisanal production concept.

Supported by constant research and development of innovative and always 100% natural recipes.

The craftsmanship and uniqueness of Fidovet are at the service of the innovation that always accompanies the company's vision.

New AMAZING GELATO 100% Natural Recipes

Thanks to constant investments in Research and Development and the inclination to anticipate the needs of the most demanding owners, the Fidovet assortment has been enriched over time. Alongside the complete Menus, Fidovet has in fact added an innovative line of complementary foods, which are also unique, original and 100% natural: “Gelato” for dogs, cream-dessert and yogurt for dogs and cats.

These new products are tasty, nutritious and extremely digestible. Designed to give added value to the pet's daily diet, but always in a healthy and genuine way.

Fidovet Gelato is a fresh, tasty and digestible snack, available in several delicious flavours. Preparing it is very simple: just add 80 ml of water and shake well to obtain a homogeneous mixture, which will then be kept in the freezer for 3 hours.

Cream-Dessert and Yogurt: great snacks for your beloved four-legged friends

Creamy and instant, Fidovet powdered yogurt is instead an appetizing snack for dogs and also for cats, which can be alternated with the cream-dessert available in various flavours.

To prepare cream-dessert and yogurt, add preferably warm water (about 60 ml) to the mixture, close the cap tightly and shake until a creamy mixture is obtained, ready to be served and enjoyed.

Fidovet has managed to combine a completely artisanal processing method, the result of Italian know-how and food excellence, with innovation, creating unique products.

"Let's feed them, let's not satiate them" is in fact the promise that highlights Fidovet's commitment to collaborate with veterinary experts in animal nutrition, to innovate without ever losing sight of the craftsmanship of production, a unique and distinctive element of Fidovet foods, born with the goal of feeding dogs and cats as members of the family in the best possible way, with a complete and genuine formula.

Fidovet will participate in SIGEP from 21 to 25 January 2023, where artisan gelato will be the main protagonist! The Sigep fair is the most important Gelato – Dolce Trade Show internationally and the presence of FIDOVET represents a strong signal of the uniqueness of Made-in-Italy also in the pets sector.

We take this opportunity to invite you to visit our stand AREA C6 stand 015 for a pleasant meeting with our Team!



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