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Shipping and Returns

1. If you want to return an item contact us within a few days of receipt.

We recommend that you send some photos to info@fidovet.eu or through Whatsapp at 340.4283088 to evaluate the product conditions together and avoid unpleasant misunderstandings.

2. DO NOT use the product, DO NOT remove the label and DO NOT open the pack, because in this case we will no longer accept the return.

3. Pack the product in the box in which you received it or in any other suitable box. DO NOT use packaging that is too light or weak, the product may be damaged during the delivery process.

4. Write the address on the parcel, so if the shipping label comes off or goes lost, the parcel will arrive anyway.

5. Choose whether to use our courier or your trusted courier. Using our courier we will send you the waybill by e-mail, you will have to print it and put it on the box. The cost is approximately 12 euros and will be deducted from your refund. You will not have to pay the driver anything at the time of collection. If you use your courier, please let us know about the shipment so we can handle the procedure faster. 

6. Please, wait for our communication: as soon as we receive the return, we will check it and inform you. Then you can tell us how you prefer the refund to be made, whether with a voucher to be used on a new order or with a credit to your credit card or PayPal.

If the product you purchased seems faulty or non-compliant, please contact us and we will help you to solve the problem. Returns and/or reimbursement claims for tampered products will not be accepted as it would be impossible to determine whether the malfunction is due to a manufactory defect or to incorrect use of the product.

If you paid with PayPal there will be no costs for you!


To activate the free return request with Paypal click HERE

For all information on the free return offered by Paypal click HERE

It is valid according to PayPal times and conditions. To make use of PayPal returns service, you must send it by your own courier or postal system (TRACKED) and keep the receipt of payment of the costs incurred